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We, at Olde Dobbin Station, want to make your full experience as easy as possible. That is why we allow for online deposit payments and for YOU to have the ability to book the venue online so that you can do it at your ease and convenience. If you have ANY questions in the process or need help please call Carrie McCoy at 936-828-0790. Please also note that Olde Dobbin Station only does one event per day and your rental includes the full facility grounds.

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Refund Policy

There are NO refunds on deposits made to Olde Dobbin Station.

Rental Agreement

The rental of the Facility includes one Reception Hall, one Brides Waiting/Changing facility and all rights for use of the outdoor area. If the Licensee would prefer to also use the renovated Chapel, they will need to make those arrangements with the Licensor.

Terms of Agreement

The Licensee hereby agrees to and will abide by all terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement; failure to do so will lead to automatic termination of Licensee’s rights hereinder with NO refund.


Licensee will abide by the following Facility regulations, and will cause its vendors, agents, guests and invitees (the “Licensee Parties”) to do the same.
  • All motorized vehicles of any kind must be parked in the designated parking location.
  • If the Licensee elects to have a function outdoors using the Facility’s outdoor wedding venue, Licensee MUST understand and agree that the Licensor is NOT responsible for ANY disruptions due to trains coming by the facility while ceremonies of any kind are taking place.
  • The Licensor is not responsible for rain, no refunds will be given. If the Licensee is getting married outdoors she will be able to move the wedding indoors but no refund due to rain will be given.
  • There will be no use of confetti, sand, hay or glitter in any of the indoor portions of the Facility.
  • There will be NO smoking indoors, or within 50 feet of the Facility buildings. If guests are going to smoke, the Licensee will need to provide ash trays and clean up buds. Failure to clean up the buds will lead to loss of security deposit.
  • There are to be no pets within the Facility
  • No crayons/markers for children's tables are permitted
  • No one is allowed on a ladder except a vendor who is bonded and insured
  • No rose pedals inside main building
  • No food or beverages allowed in the chapel per fire code regulations
  • Groom's quarters will be locked after ceremony and can be unlocked via an Olde Dobbin Station manager to unlock
  • No flower pedals on the floor inside main reception area
  • Bussing is not the responsibility of Olde Dobbin
  • Clean up fee includes: breaking down of tables and chairs and bagging of linens. We are not responsible for boxing up any personal items, that is the responsibility of the licensee..
  • No extra items are allowed to be hung from the rafters on the interior of the main building, this does not apply to the old non-renovated venue outside.
  • Nothing attached to the walls on the inside of the main venue.
  • All vendors Licensee elects to use must contact Licensor’s office to 30 days prior to the event.
  • All catering companies MUST be licensed and insured.
  • Olde Dobbin Station reserves the rights to make improvements to buildings and structures, thus adding in additional structures if they see fit at any given time within the contracted period.
  • $100 OPTIONAL Clean up fee includes: breaking down of tables and chairs and bagging of linens. We are not responsible for boxing up any personal items, that is the responsibility of the licensee..


Licensee’s access to the Facility on the Rental Date begins at 8:00 a.m. CST and ends at 1:00 a.m. unless agreed upon with the Licensor. Early entry into the Facility may be arranged at least 30 days in advance at Licensor’s sole discretion. If Licensor has granted consent for early entry into the Facility, Licensee will be notified no earlier than the MONDAY prior to the Rental Date. There is no need to call our office; we will let you know at that time. Extra decorating days will ONLY be permitted if there is NO other event scheduled. This time will only be for decorating; any other type of event hosting will not be permitted without full Facility rental. Licensee and Licensee Parties must end by 1 A.M. on the Rental Date and everyone must be off the premises by 1:15 A.M. If any Licensee Parties do not timely vacate the Facility, Licensee will pay to Licensor damages in the amount of $20.00 for every minute until the Facility is completely vacated, which amount Licensee hereby agrees is reasonable. Bridal portraits, if desired by the Licensee to be taken at the facility, will need to be arranged thru Carrie McCoy. These will have to be taken while the venue is not in use by another Licensee. If the Licensor is able to schedule an event for the day and time the portraits were to be taken, the Licensor reserves the right to move the portraits to another unused time and date.


Licensor does NOT provide any catering materials or equipment. This includes but is NOT limited to: pots, pans, ice, cups, utensils, plates, dishes of any kind, napkins, etc. Licensor will only provide one serving table, a preparation sink and a refrigerator for catering purposes. All set up of chairs and tables for seating will be the Licensee’s responsibility. Licensor will provide seating for 600 (includes 40 60" round white tables, 30 8' rectangular tables, 300 white folding chairs and 300 white Chiavari Chairs with White Cushions) if requested in advance by Licensee; however, the assembly and disassembly of these items will be the responsibility of the Licensee. Licensor does NOT provide foliage of any kind and will not be responsible for the moving of any type of foliage. Licensee and the Licensee Parties are RESPONSIBLE for any and all personal property belonging thereto that is brought to the Facility (the “Licensee Property”). Licensor and its insurers will NOT be liable for any damages or loss to the Licensee Property. All Licensee Property must be removed from the Facility by 1 a.m. on the Rental Date; any Licensee Property not so removed may, at the election of Licensor, become the property of Licensor, or Licensor may elect to have the Licensee Property removed and disposed of at Licensee’s sole cost and expense. All trash will need to be bagged by the Licensee and placed by the front doors.


Any and all alcoholic beverages (including but not limited to beer, wine, and liquor) must be purchased through the Licensor. The Licensee will not be able to bring in any other alcoholic beverages onto the property, nor will any be able to leave the premises as we are a regulated bar under TABC. If alcohol is brought onto the property by the Licensee, the Licensee will lose their security deposit in full. The Licensor will have packages available for the Licensee, and these packages will be an additional expense to the rental fee of the venue. The Bartender and the security will be provided by the Licensor if an alcoholic package is purchased. The cost to use the bar is $750 which includes but is not limited to: bartenders (up to 3, final determination on number is decided once the size of the wedding is assessed and the type of bar the Licensee is selecting for their event, plasticware, mixers, all sodas so long as the alcohol purchased by the Licensee is going, if ever the bar moves to a cash bar sodas will then need to be purchased, security, garnishes, straws and napkins). The alcohol agreement and order form MUST be submitted by the Licensee no later than 14 days from the date of the event. The Licensee can find the order form and the contract under: (order form could change based on market values). No one under the age of 21 will be served or allowed to consume alcohol on the property. Alcoholic beverages will be able to be served until Midnight.


Licensee understands and acknowledges that Licensor will not provide any supervision regarding Licensee’s use of the Facility. Licensee agrees that it will be Licensee’s sole responsibility to provide adult supervision for all child guests and for adults needing supervision. Licensor does NOT provide medical Staff or Medical Coverage for the user or its guests.


Licensee hereby releases and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Licensor, its principals, employees and agents harmless from any and all damages, claims, lossES, injuries to persons or to property, or other costs and expenses incurred in connection with or caused by Licensee’s use of the Facility, whether or not related to the consumption or service of alcoholic beverages thereon, whether or not related to or caused by any defect in any building, structure, equipment, furniture or other component of the facility, and whether or not caused or alleged to be caused by the negligence of Licensor or by action of any licensee party; licensee hereby waives any and all such claims on behalf of itselF AND THE LICENSEE PARTIES. licensee will indemnify lincesor for any damages to the facility, its fixtures or equipment which occur on the rental date, are caused by lincesee or a licensee party, or otherwise as a result of licensee’s use thereof.


A NON-REFUNDABLE 25% deposit of the rental amount is due in advance in order for the Licensee to reserve an elected date, and is payable concurrently with the execution hereof. The next 25% NON- REFUNDABLE deposit will be due six months prior to the Rental Date, or at the date of booking, whichever occurs first, as more specifically set forth below. The next NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due 3 months prior to the Rental Date, or at the date of booking, whichever occurs first, as more specifically provided below, and the last payment must be made 30 days prior to the Rental Date, as more specifically provided below. The NON-REFUNDABLE deposits are ALL due by the 3rd of the month. An additional security deposit of $500 is required with the final deposit payment and will be returned upon full inspection of the Facility after its use to the satisfaction of Licensor. In the event of damages that exceed this security deposit, Licensee will be billed for such damages and will be responsible for payment therefore within 30 days of the dated invoice for the damages. In the event of any breach of this Agreement by Licensee, Licensor may retain this security deposit and apply it to any damages it incurs in connection therewith. All amounts paid to Licensee are NON-REFUNDABLE. Failure of Licensee to deliver any scheduled payment on time will result in forfeiture of all previous payments and the reservation of the Rental Date and the right to use the Facility. All non-refundable payments are NOT transferable to another date. All payments must be made online through (this is the link through our website) or via a written check made payable to Olde Dobbin Station, LLC and mailed to: 5022 Spring Branch Cemetery Road, Montgomery, TX 77316. A charge of $50 will be assessed for any check returned for insufficient funds. **Only refunds given are in the event of a death of the bride or groom, or military deployment or if the venue accesses damages that cannot be repaired in time for the event date. There is a generator so an event can even take place in the event of a natural disaster.

I have read and agree to the above terms of use:  YES

Authorization/SIGNATURES; MISC.

I certify that I am an authorized representative of Licensee, that I am authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of Licensee, and that I agree to, understand, and will abide by the terms set forth herein. This Agreement will be subject to and constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. This Agreement may not be assigned by Licensee without the express written consent of Licensor. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties as to the subject matter addressed herein, and may only be amended by written agreement executed by Licensee and Licensor. In any instance herein in which the consent or election of Licensor is required, such consent or election may be made or withheld in Licensor’s sole and absolute discretion. Faxed or scanned and emailed pdf signatures will be binding on any party so signing.
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