Announcing Old Dobbin Station!

“Olde Dobbin Station” was formed by Robert & Carrie McCoy as a partnership in December of 2010. “Olde Dobbin Station” is an events facility targeting newly engaged couples and other groups or entities seeking an elegant venue to host their event.

Robert & Carrie McCoy are the owners of the facilities. They have purchased the buildings from a homeowner living adjacent to the land. The McCoy’s have always been drawn to the unique structures and knew that with Mr. McCoy’s building skills and expertise; they could make the buildings something not only marketable but also help to restore these area landmarks. Mr. McCoy is very talented with “hands on projects”. He built the couple’s current homestead from the ground up. He will also be contributing his skills in this area to this project. His woodworking will help put a special charm to the buildings that would otherwise be lost. Mrs. McCoy will be managing the business side of the project by focusing on marketing the facility, focusing on continuous bookings and establishing long-term relationships with those in the community and beyond.

The McCoy’s are the two project managers, but they will subcontract some portions of the restoration project to other skilled craftsmen and contractors. The installation of the AC, concrete, electrical, and installment of the roof are all items that will be contracted out. This will enable Mr. McCoy to focus on completing the doors, added bathrooms and meeting with contractors. The McCoy’s have also contracted with an architectural engineer to ensure that the building follows all applicable codes.

Currently, the McCoy’s have already completed the framing, roofing and plumbing to the bathroom portion of the facility. The buildings are currently being refinished to make the concrete walls on the inside and outside even throughout. They have approved the windows, which are currently in production. They are moving right along in the progress and will continue to keep the site up to date with any and all improvements.